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Directory Infographics Version 1.0.3 Released

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  • Directory Infographics Version 1.0.3 Released

    We are happy to release our update version Directory Infographics 1.0.3. This would be an important update for all users.

    Version 1.0.3 Update logs

    Fixed a bug for not to show feature link on user page / my posts page, if it is already featured
    If admin is impersonating as an user, then, only one edit link of user is shown on block_listing pages.
    For already featured infographics, stopped direct URL access and sends back to user/my postst page.
    Post status and feature link were not showing on ajax loaded infographics, this has been fixed.
    Added support link in admin sidebar
    Unanswered support count added to admin sidebar support menu.
    Fixed and enhanced support system on both front and admin end.
    Now showing total infographics of an user in manage users table.
    Included https protocol for sending SMS to API.
    For issues, please submit support ticket here: http:///